About Me

After living on hot pockets and processed food for most of my twenties I slowly began thinking a lot more about what I was actually putting into my body. This became way more of a focus area for me with the responsibility of feeding two children. I began looking at the ingredient lists of what I was eating and even basic items had dozens of ingredients! Now this isn’t a health website, but finding quick ways to make meals with less preservatives, phosphates and food colorings, along with more organic ingredients became something I wanted to do. Having become more health conscious I was very aware of the chronic illness epidemic faced by Americans and I personally would like to avoid what appears to be most people’s accepted fate.

As a result, I started to sporadically cook various recipes starting with basically no cooking skills. Up until this point I primarily used a microwave for “cooking” and I knew how to turn on an oven. I also had a set of cheap non-stick pans, most of which had never been used. As a searched aroung I soon became interested in learning new ways of cooking, like smoking, sous vide, and pressure cooking. Once I started exploring these new methods of cooking, I quickly ran into the problem that I had created an unorganized collection of books and website URLs, along with numerous printouts of timing charts, recipes, tools, and ideas. I needed one location to start gathering it and having a technical background I decided to create a website to organize this collection and make it easily accessible.