Silicone Gloves

Being able to grab food directly off the grill or out of the Instant Pot saves a lot of time. Don’t go cheap on these! I bought my father a pair from Amazon that looked identical to these AYL ones, but when they arrived they were thinner and smaller. They ended up being unusable :(

Claws to shred meat easily

These things are great! I used a blender a couple of times to make shredded chicken (you can Google it), but it makes a mess even in my largest mixing bowl. Little pieces always shoot all over the place. These claws are fast and easier to clean. I haven’t used my blender for shredding chicken in years now.

Remote Dual Probe Thermometer

Great for monitoring smoking without needing to open the smoker or go out to the actual smoker. Allows you to remotely monitor the smoke/grill temperature and the item being cooked too!

Knife Sharpener

This is literally the greatest knife sharpener ever in terms of ease of use and it actually making an edge! It does mark the sides of your knives, but I’ll take that trade-off for excellent results. Dull knives are dangerous and simply are horrible to use even if you don’t injure yourself in the process.

Here is a link to the: User’s Guide. It’s really simple and straight forward to use. It has more than paid for itself at this point. I used to pay to have my lawnmower blades sharpened, but now I use this tool. It sharpens scissors, shears, pruners, axes, and just about anything else too!

Instant Read Thermometer

Temperature is precious and over/under cooked food is a waste and dangerous. Everyone cooking needs an instant thermometer. After doing a bunch of research I decided on the ThermoWorks Thermapen brand even when they were still selling for $99 on sale. They have come down in price and I have some links below to cheaper options that are well reviewed on Amazon. Competitive knockoffs simply were not available years ago when I needed to get one.