• Raw beets
  • 1 cup water


  1. Place steaming rack inside Instant Pot (pressure cooker) and fill with 1 cup water.
  2. Scrub beets to remove as much dirt as you can; cut off stems about one inch from base.
  3. Place beets on steaming rack in one layer; not piling on top of each other.
  4. Using Instant Pot manual mode and vent in the sealing position, cook beats for 15 minutes. Larger beets may need about 30 minutes. Smaller beets about 2″ in diameter may only need 10 minutes. Amy+Jack have a great cooking chart for different sizes.
  5. Once the timer goes off, carefully manually release the pressure.
  6. Use tongs to remove beets and place them in colander; rinse beets under cold water.
  7. Trim ends off and gently rub skins off if desired.
  8. Keep them whole or cut into quarters, slices etc.